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Curious about the depths of sexuality and eroticism?

If you've ever found yourself wondering "is this it?", or just generally feeling bored with your sex life, you are not alone, and I assure you, there is a great deal of exploration left for you to enjoy.

You've come to the right place.

Humans in all cultures, and throughout history have experimented with sexuality as a way to achieve transcendent states of consciousness. Perhaps you have experienced a sexually induced altered state of reality yourself. I call this the erotic trance, and it has some definitive qualities:

  • Time becomes meaningless - 10 minutes may feel like an hour, or an hour like 10 minutes.
  • You become hyper focus on the task at hand. You're engulfed in the moment. Nothing exists outside of you, or you and your partner.
  • Experience heightened sexual arousal.

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About Me

Westernized ideas of sexuality would have you believe that sexual intimacy consists of one thing- penetration.. But the truth is, that is just one small part of sexuality. I know better...

Sex educator and lifelong lover of things erotic

My name is Sarah. I am a somatic sex educator, and life long lover of all things erotic and sensual. I discovered BDSM, and the "darker" side of sexuality very early on in life. Since then, I have traveled the world and had the good fortune of exploring myself and others in a wide array of settings. My exploration started by examining the depths of sensual erotic touch and intimacy but quickly developed into in-depth experiences of the physiological, emotional, and physical aspects of erotic interactions. I am keenly aware of the ways in which different physical sensations and human touch can affect the mind, and in turn, how different psychological states can affect the body. I have become an expert at helping people achieve and maintain a level of mind/body connection and presence which allows for the greatest manipulation of the mind/body connection, thereby exponentially enhancing erotic experiences and intimacy.

The erotic trance state is a powerful place of physical and emotional intimacy. It can be achieved in a multitude of ways. If you've never experienced this, or have difficulty reaching this state regularly, I'm happy you've found me. My goal is to help you cultivate the skills necessary for you and your partner(s) to enjoy this state often, and purposefully. In my experience, unrealized desires rise to the surface, and deeply satisfying desires are met when playing in this state of deeply centered connection.


Erotic Touch for Lovers I

Let's face it, the modern world, with all of it's technological advances, has left many of us feeling a bit disconnected. For all of social media designed to keep people connected, the result for many has been an increase in loose connections (social network), but a reduction in deeper connections and intimacy. It can be difficult staying in the present and focused (likely the result of perpetual scrolling and clicking).

Erotic touch for lovers is an ideal place for any individual or couple just beginning to explore the depths of sexuality as well as those desiring to reconnect on a regular basis or in different, more satisfying ways than they have been accustomed to. We'll focus on communication, presence, conscious touch, and authentic connection- a great place to begin developing the skills to enjoy further exploration of yourself and your partner.

The Art of NURU Massage

(Erotic Touch for Lovers II)

NURU style massage is an erotic massage technique originating in Asia. It is also referred to as "body-to body" massage. One person (the masseuse) rubs their body against the other person's body after both parties are nude and covered with an odorless and tasteless oil. The masseuse uses their entire body and participants seek maximum physical contact. This results in the triggering of strong tactile sensation which are designed to reduce stress and enhance an overall feeling of well being. This experience produces a unique full body high, and is a spectacular addition to anyone's erotic repertoire.

The Art of NURU Massage is intended for those who have already begun to cultivate erotic touch, connection, and presence.






Bondassage is an exquisite journey of touch combining erotic massage with elements of BDSM. This can include sensual spanking, sensory deprivation (blindfolds), simple bondage, and a vast array of unique sensations. This unique journey of touch is the perfect catalyst for your luxurious exploration into kink, and an unprecedented journey into your own body and mind.

BDSM and kinky play are commonly misunderstood as painful or scary, but in reality it is about connection and playfulness. It is a creative expression of sensuality. The experience of BDSM is not pain or physical harm. It is the experience of a deeper level of intimacy.

Bondassage is suitable for all individuals and couples with an authentic desire to investigate their erotic selves, broaden their erotic repertoire, or surprise their lover with something new.

VIP Custom Kink Coaching

For those interested in an ongoing exploration, I offer customized VIP kink coaching through a combination of hands on learning and Skye or phone sessions.

While much learning occurs through the bodily experience, there is also a lot for the mind to absorb when we are expanding in new ways. I have found the most profound growth is facilitated through a combination of hands on learning and ongoing dialogue.

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